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Our history

In 1869, Central Pacific’s steam engine the Jupiter was nicknamed IRON HORSE. It met Union Pacific’s #119 at Promontory Peak, Utah, uniting the Atlantic Coast with the Pacific. Today, IRON HORSE still unites rich flavor with original refreshment. Our commitment to authentic recipes blend quality ingredients with a cool, low carbonated taste enjoyed by those who built the rail lines so many years ago.

Root Beer

Root Beer

Authentic flavor comes standard

IRON HORSE Root Beer - It’s what we’ve built our name on. We begin with the great taste of Vanilla blended with other spices. We unite it with low carbonation to keep the flavor rich and seal it in a dark brown bottle to preserve the refreshing, full taste. Enjoy it in a cold mug or with a scoop of ice cream… Whether you’ve drank IRON HORSE Root Beer for years or for the first time, we know it’ll be your new favorite. All Aboard IRON HORSE!

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Diet Root Beer

Diet Root Beer

A modern marvel of timeless flavor

What’s better than IRON HORSE Root Beer flavor? Enjoying that rich taste calorie-free, of course! We took our time and worked hard to create a safe, no-calorie Root Beer with the timeless flavor of IRON HORSE. The result is a full-flavored, sugar-free diet drink that sacrifices none of the taste you’ve come to expect. So drink up and Get on board with IRON HORSE Diet Root Beer!

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Cream Soda

Cream Soda

Meet original old school flavor

Years ago in New York, unflavored cream seltzer was ordered “2 cents plain”. Fast forward to IRON HORSE Cream Soda. While 2 cents has receded into history, there’s nothing plain about the amazing taste of this timeless drink. We took our original recipe, based on the great taste of vanilla, and created a flavor so rich, so creamy you’ll think you’re drinking a dessert. There isn’t anything like it, so get on board and enjoy IRON HORSE Cream Soda today.

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Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry

Timeless taste - all aboard

Jim Bridger, storied scout of the Old West, often pined for his Virginia home and the black cherries grown there. Black Cherries, to this day, are one of nature’s finest flavors, and it’s easy to see why cherry soda was an original soda flavor. We’ve taken the amazing flavor of black cherries Jim loved and continue to faithfully capture it in IRON HORSE Black Cherry Soda. Enjoy this timeless treat, just like those in the Old West did.

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What makes us unique

What’s unique about IRON HORSE? We keep it simple. That means only a handful of timeless flavors, created with recipes from a time gone by. No gimmicks here - no caffeine or gluten… Just awesome taste with a smooth finish. How do we preserve that taste? With a dark brown bottle, just like root beer from the Old West. The critics agree; Iron Horse is one of the top Root Beer choices available.

A very elegant root beer. On first tasting, I had notes of crème brûlée and cotton candy. The spices come at you a little later and are totally satisfying.

Lora Zarubin of LA Times

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